Company Profile  
1、1993 -Beijing Xiongyue Electronic was founded
2、1994 -Rockwell Automaton Solution Provider Partner
3、1996 -the 1stAutomation System for P&G
4、1997 –Beijing Xiongyue Tech CO.,LTD was founded
5、2002-Beijing Xiongyue finished the first Power Plant system
6、2002 -long-term strategic cooperative relation with FAT
7、2002-the 1stAutomation system for Water Plant in HebeiChina
8、2002-the 1stAutomation system for Iron & Steel in QinHuangdao
9、2006-AmcolTianjin Product Line Automation System
10、2007 -Xiongyue Tianjin office was established
11、2009 -Xiongyue Shanghai office was established
12、2010 -TFF Shenyang with Pall Filter

Telephone :+86.10.51662266|Fax :+86.10.51662255|Zip code :100080